Technische Universität München Institut für Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik Audiocommunication

Ernst Terhardt, Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Extraordinarius i.R. (retired)
Fachgebiet Akustische Kommunikation

Teaching/Research on
Musical Acoustics

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Akustische Kommunikation
(Grundlagen mit Hörbeispielen)
Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg, 1998


Topics of Research in Retrospect

Signals and Systems in Audiocommunication

Fourier transformation: Concept

Laplace transformation

Peripheral-ear transduction (PET)

Fourier-t transformation (FTT)

System theory of the string

Cochlear transmission function

Causal Fourier transformation

Electro-mechanic analogy

SPINC scaling of frequency

Perception of Auditory Pitch

Pitch perception

Virtual pitch

Diplacusis binauralis

Definition of pitch

Dominant spectral region

Strike note of bells

Spectral pitch

Pitch shifts

Acoustic bass of pipe organ

Perception of Musical Sound

Absolute pitch

Stretch of the musical tone scale

Sensory consonance

Affinity of tones

Musical consonance

Auditory roughness

Octave equivalence


Tritone paradox

Octave stretch

Basse fondamentale (Root)

P-center of auditory events

Fundamentals of Psycho-Physics

3 Worlds

Audio-visual analogies

Equivalence principle

Auditory acquisition of information

Prothetic sensations

Hierarchical processing

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